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From our QCS Webmaster, Vicki Wassenhove:

When asked about taking over the former QCS website, I declined at least three times. I considered myself a novice webmaster and figured a computer club needed someone with more expertise and a cutting-edge web building program to take on the job.

There was only one problem... No one else volunteered.

I finally agreed in February 2007 to "give it a whirl" if I could start from scratch and keep it simple. That would mean no fancy bells or whistles. No frames. No passwords and certainly, none of the latest technology. Any web site under my direction would have a "K.I.S.S." ("Keep it sweet and simple") approach.

This resultant QCS site is pretty basic because it is built with one of the simplest page editors... FrontPage Express (FPX). It came bundled with WIN 98 on my first computer in 1999.

When I began to build my very first web site in 2002, I mostly learned FPX by trial and error. A few webmaster friends were willing to answer my early stupid questions. I bought a few books on eBay and searched the Internet for tutorials.

Little by little, I "learned the ropes" and built a few simple pages. It became easier as I found ways to deal with the sometimes "quirky" nature of FrontPage Express.

Since retiring from teaching, I've authored sites for alumni groups, a garden classroom, an assisted living facility, my family, friends and more.

I've used other page editors on some of the sites, but still love the simplicity of FPX and think that it is a great way for a beginner to learn the basics.

This site was built exclusively with FrontPage Express to show others that it's possible to design a very functional website with free software.

My 1999 computer, my first book on the subject, and me!

Today I share my elementary approach by teaching a QCS mini-course, Webpage Design 101. Using only free downloadable programs, the students are walked through steps to build and publish their first site from the ground up and without templates. The purchase of page and photo editing software is postponed until they determine their level of interest.

If you'd like to join the fun and try your hand at web design, watch for my next 101 mini-session on the SIG Information/schedule.

Email Vicki at vwazz@hotmail.com for more information

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