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Our Quad-Cities Computer Society Webmaster and Digital SIG Leader
Vicki Wassenhove !!

At the February 6th general meeting of the Quad-Cities Computer Society (QCS), Webmaster and SIG leader, Vicki Wassenhove was presented a "Don Singleton Volunteer of the Year Award" from the Association of Personal Computer User Groups. APCUG is an international organization whose primary mission is helping their member computer user groups.

This was the second prestigious APCUG award earned by QCS volunteers. President Judi McDowell won the designation in 2012. This award was designed to recognize hardworking, dedicated volunteers that keep local organizations around the globe growing and thriving. There was a tie for first place honors, so APCUG sent awards to both very deserving nominees.

This award was established in memory of Don Singleton of Tulsa, Oklahoma, for his significant contributions to APCUG and his local computer user group during his lifetime. Don and all key volunteers have this in common: their advocacy for technology and their user groups. With this yearly award, APCUG hopes to emphasize the importance of the volunteers to their member groups.

Some excerpts from Vicki's nomination for the APCUG award:

Vicki has been an integral member of our team for many years and is a very deserving candidate for this award. She is a key reason the QCS provides the level of quality of service to its 148 members. Her involvement in many capacities is paramount to the success of the QCS. She is energetic, enthusiastic, personable and a wonderful teacher. She is an ambassador for the QCS by personally inviting people to attend meetings and SIGs and follows up with offers to help people one-on-one. Her natural interest in learning new things and willingness to share that knowledge is impressive and the QCS reaps the benefits. Vicki is a person with rare talents and abilities, but most of all she is the kind of friend everyone is very lucky to have.

Vicki is the QCS webmaster, Digital Media SIG leader and an active Board of Directors member. She is a self-taught webmaster and her QCS website is professional and loaded with information about upcoming and past programs with links to myriad of information for ease of use. Her Digital Media SIG is really a seminar in photography and photo editing packed with examples and information any photographer would appreciate. She researches and
develops an interesting and informative presentation, provides a summary with hot links to websites and gives individual assistance when needed. She encourages attendees to learn and practice through involvement and special activities such as photo walks.

Vicki’s initiative efforts are essential to the QCS providing the service it does and continues to offer. She cares about QCS, its members and its future. She provides useful and pertinent information on the website and keeps it up to date.

She is a talented SIG leader and the effort she puts into the content of her SIG is attributed to her love of teaching and sharing. Her contributions as a Board member are invaluable. Her in depth research and persuasive communication brought in nationally known speakers Abby Stokes and Chris and Jim Guld (Geeks On Tour). These speakers have continued to present informative programs to our group and have become friends of APCUG and its member groups making Vicki an asset to the entire User Group community.

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