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Previous Presentations and Special Events of 2012
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December 3rd, 2012
Monday Evening at 7-8:30 PM
Butterworth Education Center
at 7th St & 12th Av, Moline, IL

Tips from Staples on your
Holiday Shopping List

Come see what's new this year in the products you want to give or buy for yourself.

Tech gifts are fun to give and get. Cameras, tablets and new Windows 8 devices are sure to be on wish lists this year. If you haven't finished your shopping by December 3rd, you won't want to miss the elves from Staples as they showcase their picks for gadgets to add to your shopping list.

The December topic of "techie gifts" generated LOTS of interest among the attendees!
There are a few larger photos in this
web album. Look for the "slideshow" view.

November 5th, 2012
Monday Evening at 7-8:30 PM
Location: Butterworth Education Center
at 7th St & 12th Av, Moline, IL

Presentation on Skype by
Marie Vesta ... via Skype!

Skype is software that lets you take phone or text messages one step higher with the power of video. Imagine being able to watch Johnny blow out candles on his birthday cake even though he lives 100's of miles away. Ask any serviceman what it means to be able to see his children while serving his country in far away lands.

Come to our November 5th session
to hear about all the new features
and applications of Skype!

The power of Skype breaks the barriers of distance and the best part is the basic version of Skype is FREE.

See this PDF file link for Marie Vesta's SKYPE PRESENTATION.

HERE'S AN EXTRA OCTOBER EVENT... Do you enjoy taking photographs?

Saturday, October 13th, 8-11:30 AM

Join QCS Digital SIG leader Vicki Wassenhove on her third SCOTT KELBY WORLDWIDE PHOTO WALK!

This year's walk will take place on the Augustana College campus during Homecoming events.

See details and how to register HERE .

October 1, 2012
Monday Evening at 7-8:30 PM
Location: Butterworth Education Center at 7th St & 12th Av, Moline, IL

Presentation: Best Buy representatives will discuss i-Devices

Come to see the latest features of the new iPad, iPhone, iPod, AND a demonstration of Apple TV.

The digital music industry changed in 2001 with the introduction of Apple's iPod. In 2007 the iPhone made headlines and in 2010 the iPad became the tablet everyone wanted. The new iPhone5 was just announced this month and a new iPad may be coming before year end.

Best Buy representatives will be our guests this month with demonstrations and information about all the latest iDevices.


SECOND MONDAY, September 10th at 5:30 PM:
Riverside Park Pavilion 34th ST and 6th AV in Moline, IL.

Join us for our Annual "POTLUCK PICNIC".
All details and a map can be found on this printable
PDF invitation.

See photos from the picnic here!

August Bonus events! . Two FREE presentations by Chris and Jim Guld
August 21st--GEEKS ON TOUR will return by popular demand!! They will speak on the topic, "Outsmarting your Smartphone!" at the Viking Club in Moline.

August 22nd--GEEKS ON TOUR will appear at CASI in Davenport speaking on "Facebook".

Other engagements include two Picasa photo-editing workshops and an appearance at 3 PM on Paula Sands Live, Monday August 20th!

For complete details on a one- page printable schedule, link to 2012 Geeks on Tour

Follow-up information: Reviews of both programs - Smartphone Handout - Facebook Handout

August 6th, 2012
Monday Evening at 7-8:30 PM
Location: The Education Center of Butterworth
Presenter: Judy Taylour
(via SKYPE
"Webinar on FREEBIES" *

You don’t need to spend lots of $$ on software. Many free programs are as good as those we pay for; others will save you a trip to the tech support person. Judy will show us a PowerPoint presentation with software that might intrigue you to download the products and enhance your computing experience.

*Some unfortunate sound problems were encountered during this Skype presentation. To help compensate, Judy will be posting an updated recording of the talk for us to access online.

Meanwhile, the links at right will provide the helpful handout and an earlier Freebies video she did for APCUG May 5th, 2012.

Judy is a 24-year member of the Santa Clarita Valley Computer Club where she serves as both Editor and President. She is also co-facilitator for the Southern California Regional User Group Summit (SCRUGS), a group of 20+ computer clubs in Southern California who have gotten together quarterly for over 15 years to share ideas and presenter information, solve problems, etc.

Judy is also Chair of the Southwest Technology & Computer Conference held annually in San Diego....this is the 19th conference. She has taught adult education computer classes for 18 years through her local high school district and is a member of the Pierce College Computer Applications and Office Technologies Advisory Committee that meets annually to suggest courses for the next school year.

Note: I can vouch for this being a very worthwhile webinar... I recently attended Judy's remote presentation through APCUG and was very impressed by her preparation. She has lots of good tips for everyone! Vicki Wassenhove


July 2nd, 2012
Monday Evening at 7-8:30 PM
Location: Library of the Butterworth Home
8th St and 11th Avenue, Moline, IL

Presenter: Mike Godsil, Photographer
and Knox College Photography Instructor

"Giant Pandas Smile for the Camera!"

Mike has taught photography and photojournalism for 26 years at Knox College in Galesburg and will share his experience of photographing giant pandas as they arrived in Scotland and France.

Come enjoy this travel adventure with some delightful photography!

“Photographing the FedEx Delivery of Giant Pandas to Edinburgh, Scotland & Paris"

Michael has recently completed his 26th year of teaching photography, digital photography and photojournalism in the Art Department and Journalism Program at Knox College, in Galesburg, IL.  Over the past couple years, he has also been invited to give gallery talks or formal lectures in conjunction with exhibitions of photography at the Figge Art Museum in Davenport.

Godsil's presentation at QCS will recount what it was like to photograph the FedEx delivery of Giant Pandas from China to zoos in Edinburgh, Scotland and Paris, France as a contract photographer for FedEx.  He will also share some insights about what it was like to be "behind the scenes" with FedEx staff on location as they planned and executed all the arrangements for a successful, worldwide media event.

As a young adult, Mike studied under Ansel Adams in a summer workshop which solidified and deepened his interest in photography as fine art. His personal, creative photography is primarily of landscapes and nature details and is usually made using a large format, 4" x 5" field camera, with traditional analog film and darkroom methods. In recent years he also increasingly works in digital photography.  From time to time, he also accepts opportunities to shoot commercial, industrial, or editorial photo assignments, such as these from FedEx that he will be discussing at QCS.

Recent self-assigned projects have involved multiple trips to the American Southwest to photograph isolated Anasazi Indian ruins, a trip to Peru to photograph Machu Picchu and other Incan ruins, and an ongoing project photographing receding glaciers in Alaska, Montana, and the Canadian Rockies. Photographs from the Anasazi and Inca sites now comprise a sizeable solo exhibit titled “Ancient Echoes in Stone”, which has been exhibited at several venues over the past few years.


June 4th, 2012
Monday Evening at 7-8:30 PM
Location: Library of the Butterworth Home

Presenter: Ted Huberts,
QCS Member and Internet SIG Leader

"Vacation Planning using the Internet"

Nothing says "summer" like a vacation from your regular daily routine. Whether traveling across the state or across the nation, the Internet is a valuable resource to make any trip a success.

Gone are the days of writing for travel brochures; now with just a few mouse clicks you can decide where you want to go and the best way to get there. Find the best prices on hotels, air fares, gas, and attraction tickets. Much of your advance planning can be done on line from your computer and then there are apps for your smart phone to help along the way.

Join us June 4th when Internet SIG leader, Ted Huberts shows you how to use the Internet to make your next vacation a great one.

May 7th, 2012
Monday Evening at 7-8:30 PM
Location: Butterworth Education Center

Bob Gostischa presents "Protecting yourself and your identity online"
It’s common wisdom that avoiding suspicious web-based content and especially ‘dodgy’ websites will keep you safe on the Internet. Unfortunately, that sort of information is ‘old and outdated technology’. Internet security (protecting both your computer and your identity online) can, however, be demystified. This presentation focuses on normal computer users, rather than “IT geeks,” and clearly explains security myths, Internet dos and don’ts, the evolution of computer threats, and more.

Join presenter Bob Gostischa, as he simplifies, clarifies, and demystifies your computer,
making your Internet experience a safe one and explaining why even AARP recommends Avast!

About the presenter and his association with Avast:

Norbert “Bob” Gostischa, after a successful career in banking, enjoys his retirement as an enthusiastic IT security expert, most notably for Avast Software.

Avast is the creator of Avast! antivirus software. Their website www.avast.com has a discussion and help forum, where Bob has been helping with security-related issues since 2004, having contributed over 17,000 forum interactions.

Avast! is one of the most popular antivirus softwares in the world. Avast has been making security software for over 20 years and has more than 160 million users worldwide.


April 11th, 2012
Location: United Steel Workers of America Union Hall in Bettendorf, Iowa
WEDNESDAY Evening at 7-8:30 PM

Bruce Buzbee, Founder and President of "RootsMagic"
will present
"Climbing Your Family Tree with Computer Software"

Genealogy, the hobby of researching your family history has grown immensely in the last few years and software to store and record this data on your computer is essential.

Bruce Buzbee has graciously accepted our invitation to stop in the Quad-Cities on his way to an Ohio conference. His popular products "RootsMagic" and "Personal Historian" have recently been updated with new and improved features. Both novice and experienced users will benefit from seeing these products demonstrated by the author himself. Software will be available for purchase on the spot.

Note the new location for this presentation:

United Steel Workers of America Union Hall
880 Devils Glen Road
(Just north of the State Street and Devils Glen Road Intersection)
Bettendorf, Iowa


April 3rd, 2012 QCS General Meeting at the Moline Viking Club on TUESDAY Evening at 7-8:30 PM featuring...

Abby Stokes, Author and Computer Instructor,
"Demystifying Computers, E-mail, and the Internet"

Are you new to the world of technology and don't know where to begin?

Join Abby Stokes, teacher and author of "'Is This Thing On? A Computer Handbook for Late Bloomers, Technophobes, and the Kicking & Screaming," for a jargon-free introduction to all the great new things technology has to offer, from notebook computers and the iPad to email and the Internet.
More than 85,000 copies of Abby's book have already been sold worldwide. Her companion web site offers more hand-holding help to beginners. See:

Abby will appear IN-PERSON at QCS's event held at the
Moline Viking Club @ 1450 41st Street in Moline, IL

Follow this link to see
all her speaking engagements
in and around the Q-Cities.

Abby Stokes will appear on
KWQC-TV's "Paula Sands Live" Friday, March 30th, 3:00 PM.

Printable PDF
of details and locations

Here's a terrific endorsement of
Abby Stoke's book:

She relates, "In a matter of days, my parents went from fearing computers to loving them, all because of this book."

Do you have a friend or relative who is afraid of computers? Bring them!

There will be more jargon-free help for computer "newbies" after Abby's presentation.
QCS will invite non-member beginners to a free help session on May 7th.


March 5th, 2012 General Meeting at the Butterworth Education Center
Monday Evening at 7-8:30 PM
Melissa Brown,
Marketing Research Officer at Deere Harvester Community Credit Union will discuss:

"Convenience and Security with Online Banking"

Online banking sites offer lots of convenience. You can learn about ALL that a bank has to offer for business or personal needs before you ever step foot inside their building. You can compare CD or loan rates for different time periods, even after the bank has closed for the day. Most sites provide calculators to help with payment predictions before you buy that new car.

However, when you decide to do more, such as pay bills online or transfer money between accounts, the first thing you want to know is: "Is this site safe and secure?" When DHCU comes to discuss online banking they will address this basic question and lots more. If you are still skeptical about banking online, come get answers to all your questions.

February 6th, 2012 General Meeting at the Butterworth Education Center
Monday Evening at 7-8:30 PM
Abby Stokes, Author of "Is This Thing On?"
"How to Safely Surf the Internet and Find (Almost) Anything Online"

Bring the World to Your Fingertips: Learn how to get the most out of your searches online, including information about safety, shopping and banking online. Abby will offer her recommendations of websites for travel, health, finance, and more.

Open to the public. No charge. Bring a friend!

Website: www.abbyandme.com

Abby "wowed" our audience in 2010 when she helped Q-C Computer Society "jump start" a series of beginner classes.

If you missed her in person, here's a chance to "meet her" via a Skype connection from New York City. This will be Abby's third remote presentation for QCS.


January 2nd, 2012 General Meeting
MONDAY Evening at 7 PM
Kathy Jacobs: "Facebook Use and Safety"

It's the social medium the world can't do without, but learn to use Facebook safely and keep
up with the changes. Kathy Jacobs, APCUG*
President, will offer some updated advice and tips via Skype. *Association of Personal Computer User Groups

Facebook began as a private communication network for students at Harvard University in 2004. By September of 2006, Facebook was open to EVERYONE 13 years and older. Today there are over 800 million Facebook users worldwide with over forty percent of United States residents having a Facebook account.

Facebook has evolved quickly as a place to share photos and conversation with friends and family and also a medium for business promotion. It's no wonder people want to know more about how to use this service and how to keep their account safe and secure. Kathy Jacobs will visit us via Skype to help us learn more about using Facebook and most importantly how to be safe doing it.

These bottom two images were taken at Kathy Jacobs' "remote presentation" from Arizona via a Skype connection.

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