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General Meeting Presentations and Special Events of 2014
(Listed in reverse order)


December General Meeting:
Dec 1st, 2014
Monday evening at 7-8:30 PM

Bill Hannan returns to QCS! This time he will demonstrate movie-making potential on a PC!

Are you tired of PowerPoints? Impressed by Ken Burns' documentaries? Take it to the next level and discover how to make your own movies!

With today's technology, you have the potential to make both slideshows and movies with rather intuitive, user-friendly programs right on your home computer. They can be easily saved to DVDs.

Bill Hannan will bring handouts plus the sample material for his demo on a DVD. Anyone interested in trying out movie-making on their own can take one of his DVDs home to help get started. The programs to be discussed are "Movie Maker" (Microsoft Windows) and Sony's " Movie Studio". He can suggest some similar programs for Mac users.

"Bill Hannan is a local artist, bookmaker and media maven. Although devotedly retired now, he did teach at Black Hawk College for 30 years in various departments such as Art, Television and Computers. He spent 20 some years as technical director for the Genesius Guild and is still on their governing board. Most of his time now is spent trying to figure out how to rectify the dichotomy between his twelfth century skills as a book maker and his twenty-first century skills as a computer person."

Using Blurb.com, Bill has self-published many books and he will bring a few to display for anyone interested in publishing their own work.

See our July 2013 event for Bill's previous presentation.

Next General Meeting:
November 3rd, 2014
Monday evening at 7-8:30 PM

"Tablets, Computer Security and Tech Support at Staples"
Presented by Staple Reps from Moline and Davenport.

Butterworth Education Center at 701 12th AV, Moline, IL

Presenters, Tim Fredericksen and Rena Godina (Sales and Service Manager) will cover three topics in their presentation.

1. The Apple IPad line of tablets as well as the Samsung galaxy line - During this presentation we will review the benefits of both the Apple and Samsung line of tablets as well as demonstrate a few apps and basic functions of each one as well as review the many options each brand has to offer. After demonstration we will field any questions anyone may have.

2. The latest and greatest anti-virus software available - In this day and age surfing the net can be dangerous to your equipment as well as your own personal security and information. During this presentation we will cover the top anti-virus software to help you and your families combat this modern day risk.

3. The breakdown of the PC Tech repair services we offer at the store - We will cover the available services and repairs we offer for new or existing equipment, as well as offer advice or answer any questions they may have about services.

General Meeting:
October 6th, 2014
Monday evening at 7-8:30 PM
Location: Butterworth Education Center
at 701 12th AV, Moline, IL

"Weather Forecasting: Science Meets Technology"
presented by James Zahara**, WQAD-TV Meteorologist

Humans have been predicting the weather for centuries, sometimes with great accuracy and other times not.

Join us for an inside look at weather forecasting with James Zahara from WQAD channel 8 TV to see how technology and science work together.

Eric Sorensen spoke at our General Meeting in place of James Zahara who was on an assignment for WQAD. Eric is a new meteorologist at the station and an engaging and knowledgeable speaker on the topic of weather technology.

September 8th, 2014 - (Second Monday of the month instead of LABOR DAY) there will be a
catered dinner for QCS members in place of our annual September potluck picnic. Details follow.


Monday September 8, 2014

QCS Member Appreciation Indoor Picnic!!

 Butterworth Education Center - 701 12th Avenue, Moline
  Doors Open at 5:30 PM - Serving Begins at 6:00 PM

Join us for Food, Fellowship, and Fun!!!

No Charge for Members - $5 for Guests accompanying Members

Reservations are required by August 29th.

Email Shari to make a reservation or mail payments to 
David Tanner at 3449 52nd ST, Moline, IL 61265

(Any unused reservations will require payment of $5 each, if not cancelled by 8/29)


August 4th, 2014 Monday evening at 7-8:30 PM
Location: Butterworth Education Center at 701 12th AV, Moline, IL
"Access to Digital Records after Death"
presented by Nash, Nash, Bean & Ford Law Firm Attorney, Benjamin Young

As we move further into the “electronic age”, we seem to spend more of our lives online. Many of us have an ever-expanding digital footprint using accounts that store sensitive personal and financial information. These may include email accounts, website domain names, online banking accounts and passwords, and countless personal and business documents stored in the cloud. The worst thing you can do when it comes to planning your digital assets is nothing. As a practical matter, there are several options for including your digital assets in your estate plan. Mr. Young will review what your options are and why it is important.

  Mr. Young received his Juris Doctor degree from Valparaiso University Law School. While in law school, Mr. Young served as Vice President of the Christian Legal Society, Finance Chairperson of the Trial Advocacy Team, and as Criminal Defense Clinic Advocate.

Mr. Young also graduated from Bradley University with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science. Mr. Young is admitted to practice before all the courts of the State of Illinois and Iowa.

Established in 1857, Nash Nash Bean & Ford, LLP, has focused its practice on estate planning matters since 1995. The firm has helped thousands of families in the Northwest Illinois area meet their long-term financial and non-financial goals. For more information about setting up an effective estate plan to protect your family and pass on your legacy or about the law firm of Nash Nash Bean & Ford, LLP, and its services, please call 309-944-2188, email info@nashbeanford.com or visit their website at www.nashbeanford.com.

July 7th, 2014 Monday evening at 7-8:30 PM
Location: Butterworth Center Library on the corner of 8th Street and 11th Avenue, Moline
“What's new in Digital Photography”
Presented by Ted Doty,
New owner and manager of Camera Corner, Davenport, IA

Ted will lead a show-and-tell session to bring participants up to speed on new products and innovations in camera technology.

It's "GEEKS ON TOUR" WEEK - May 31st-June 6th!!!

It's "GEEKS ON TOUR" WEEK - May 31st-June 6th at the Quad-Cities Computer Society and CASI.

Nationally known computer tech experts, Jim and Chris Guld a.k.a. "Geeks on Tour" will be back in the Q-C area for a busy schedule of helpful presentations. This is their third set of workshops arranged by QCS.

Their 2014 topics include smart phone photography, cloud computing, websites, online photo albums, blogs, and digital photo editing. Several of the events are free and all but one are open to the public.

Check out their week-long itinerary:

May 31st, 2014
Saturday evening at 5:30 PM - Jim and Chris will be on hand to help with the QCS "Photo Walk and Geocache" event at Black Hawk College Campus,
6600 34th Ave, Moline. This is a FREE event. All are welcome! See www.qcs.org/sig.digital.html for details.

June 1st
Sunday, 6 PM - "Meet and Greet the Geeks" dinner, QCS MEMBERS ONLY.

June 2nd
Monday evening at 7-8:30 PM -
QCS General Meeting. Held at the VIKING CLUB HALL at 1450 41st, Moline, IL. GEEKS ON TOUR will present "Cloud Computing" - Learn to use "Cloud" technology with Jim & Chris Guld's expert help.

(Q-C Computer Society’s General Meetings are always open to the public and FREE.)

June 3rd
Tuesday morning from 10:30-noon - FREE Seminar @ CASI building, 1035 W. Kimberly Road, Davenport, Iowa, (563) 386-7477. Topic: "Making your own free website and online photo album using Blogger and Picasa"

Imagine starting a family website when a grandchild is born, adding stories and pictures throughout the years and having a beautiful coffee table book to give to that grandchild when they graduate High School. Or ... when you take that trip of a lifetime, you could have an easy-to-maintain website for the stories and photos of that trip, then print a coffee table book to remember the trip for years to come. Or ... if you have a hobby, club, or small business to share with the world, a website is the way to do it! Or ... all of the above.
This seminar will introduce you to Google's free website and photo tools, Blogger.com and Picasa photo software. Learn how to start a Blog/Website and add stories and photos with Geeks on Tour's easy to understand, step-by-step instructions.

June 4th
Wednesday evening, 6-8:30 PM. Held at the VIKING CLUB, 1450 41st Street, Moline. This is a hands-on workshop, "SMARTPHONEPHOTOGRAPHY", offered by QCS.

More and more, people are using their smartphones to capture all the pictures in their lives. Many of them don’t know that there are special settings and features that will help them take better pictures. And, once the pictures are taken, there are lots of ways to share them.

Bring your smartphone (Android / iPhone) or tablet to this class and take some pictures and videos while experimenting with the special features we will show you.
Adjust the Focus and Exposure, Flash, and Zoom
Taking Video with Sound
How to Delete Pictures from your Phone
Menu of Options and Camera Settings
Geotagging photos, Panoramas, and HDR
Editing pictures
Evernote Photo Notes and Scans
Using DropBox to get Pictures to your Computer

Class includes a workbook. Limit 20 people. Cost: $25 (Q-C Computer Society members, $15.)
Advanced registration is required. Call Judi or Vicki.

June 5th
Thursday, 1-5 PM. CASI, 1035 W. Kimberly Road, Davenport, (563) 386-7477. Topic: "Hands-on Photo Editing with Picasa". Cost $50. Minimum 5, Maximum 10.

In this class, students work with their own computer (Windows or Mac) and the Picasa software on their computer. The course uses sample pictures for editing exercises. The pictures have been specifically selected to demonstrate the editing features of Picasa. Following a demonstration, students have time to do hands-on editing themselves on their own computers. Class fee includes a detailed workbook and USB drive containing several tutorial videos and the sample pictures. Please come to class with your laptop, power cord, mouse, and the Picasa software installed.

For more information, email or call Judi McDowell julee89@gmail.com
or Vicki Wassenhove

Click here for a one-page printable PDF format schedule: 2014 Geeks on Tour events.

May 5th, 2014 Monday evening at 7-8:30 PM
Location: Butterworth Education Center at 701 12th AV, Moline, IL
“The Scary New Face of Identity Theft….and what you can do”
Presented by Tim Henry, United Bankers’ Bank Managing Agent , Bloomington, MN
Tim is the director of identity theft services and fraud solutions for the past seven years at United Bankers’ Bank. He has worked with financial institutions and their customers for over 17 years with ten of those years as a Regional Vice President for Securian Financial. At UBB Tim currently consults with over 100 banks regarding their identity theft and fraud solutions programs.

Tim's topic will include an overview of ID Theft and how it affects everyday people, the myths surrounding it, and practical advice and products to help protect you from identity theft. Tim will cover different solutions available, both free and subscription type services and what features and benefits you should look for when considering a paid service.

This program was arranged for QCS as a courtesy of BankOrion.

April 7th, 2014 Monday evening at 7-8:30 PM
Location: Butterworth Education Center at 701 12th AV, Moline, IL

Andy Olson presents
"Geocaching: High Tech Treasure Hunting"

On May 1, 2000, President Clinton ordered that Selective Availability be turned off and GPS receivers became 10 times more accurate. On May 3, 2000, the first Geocache was hidden in Oregon State and the coordinates for the “stash” were emailed to a list of interested parties to see if they could find it. Now there are over 2 million “caches” worldwide and more than 6 million people looking for them.

If you enjoy the outdoors and technology you might enjoy this hobby too. Join us this month to learn what treasures are hidden near you and how to find them.

Andy is the Online Learning & Web Support Specialist in the Teaching & Learning Center of Black Hawk College. His primary role is to support faculty & often has the pleasure of assisting staff & students with technology. Aside from his love of bicycling to work, he & his entire family love to GeoCache. They found there 1st GeoCache September 27, 2011. As of January 9, 2014 his family has GeoCached in ten states, found a total of 740 caches, logged 80 trackables, and earned 47 Souvenirs. On average they find 0.8876 caches per day. Saturdays are their biggest GeoCaching day. The most finds they have had in one day is thirty-one.
March 3rd, 2014 Monday evening at 7-8:30 PM
Location: Butterworth Education Center at 701 12th AV, Moline, IL
Lisa Huntsha, *Archivist/Librarian*
Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center, Augustana College, Rock Island, IL

"How to Digitally Preserve your Photos and Files"

Lisa will present practical tips on how to preserve your family photographs and documents with a digital back up. She will discuss projects you can do in your home office using a scanner. She
will also discuss preservation techniques and file management for your current digital content. Hardware, software, handling techniques, and workflow will be discussed.

Lisa Huntsha started her career in preservation while working at the Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center during her time as a student at Augustana College. Inspired by her experience there, she went on to attend a master's program in Museum Studies at Syracuse University.

She has since worked at historical societies, museums, and libraries in New York, Illinois, and Alaska. Now, she is back at her alma mater as the Archivist/Librarian of the Swenson Center where she does everything from processing archival collections to assisting researchers to hosting preservation workshops.

February 3rd, 2014 Monday evening at 7-8:30 PM
Location: Butterworth Education Center at 701 12th AV, Moline, IL

Larry Stone
QCS Member and Windows SIG Leader
will present

"Practical Concepts for Protecting
your Computer, its Hardware and Data"

Computers do powerful and useful things for us, but we tend to take them for granted. Take time to attend this presentation. Larry's insights into computing is based upon a lifetime of computer use and repair. It will give you a good foundation for protecting this important asset of the 21st Century.

January 6th, 2014 Monday evening at 7-8:30 PM
Location: Butterworth Education Center at 701 12th AV, Moline, IL
Verizon Associates - "Smart Phones and More" PART II**

~Cancelled due to inclement weather!~

Start your "Tech New Year" in 2014 by attending Part II of Verizon's presentation. Brock Strang and Brittan Hill, Verizon managers from Rock Island and Bettendorf respectively, will provide information about smart phones and additional services including home phones, Internet and money-saving products.
**Their fine program in August 2013, Part I, was a window into the new topics and devices that await the 2014 year. More time was needed to cover the topics and questions, so we've invited them back to give us more information!

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