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Special Interest Groups (SIGs) .


Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

These discussion groups are for members only and are a benefit of being a member of the Quad-Cities Computer Society. This is good place to pick up more information or have your questions answered on the various topics. If you aren't a QCS member yet, you are welcome to visit any group to see if it fits your needs.

SIG leaders conduct sessions in an informal atmosphere with questions welcomed. Answers may even come from other members attending. A computer projector displays the SIG leader's monitor on to a screen at the front for all to see.

Office SIG
When: (Varied schedule. Check Monthly Calendar of Events).
Description: Office SIG

Beginner SIG
When: 1st Monday monthly at 5:30 pm before the General meeting
Description: Beginner SIG

Genealogy SIG
When: 3rd Monday monthly at 5:30 pm
Description: Genealogy SIG

Internet SIG
3rd Monday monthly at 7:00 pm
Internet SIG

Digital Media SIG
When: 4th Monday monthly at 5:30 pm
Digital Media SIG
Personal Computing SIG (formerly called Windows SIG)
When: 4th Monday monthly at 7:00 pm
Description: Windows/PC SIG

Most* SIG meetings are held in
Butterworth's Education Center
located at 701 12th Av in Moline, Ilinois 61265

*Check the calendar each month for possible changes.

Watch the Home and Event pages of our website and Q-Bits newsletter for new short-term offerings this year.

Link to current month's SIG calendar

Previous SIG offerings and descriptions have been moved to
this second page. Some have
PowerPoint presentations and information still available as resources.


Don't see the exact SIG you need?

The QCS tries to meet your needs. You may email suggestions for other groups that you would find beneficial. We might offer future short term SIGs like those listed below, depending on member interest:

New Microsoft Operating Systems
Social Networking
Home Networking
Smart Phones & Tablets
GPS & GPS Technology
Computer Kindergarten
Photo Editing Software
Computer Graphics
Linux Operating System
Web Page Design
Webmaster SIG?

If you would be interested in leading or attending one of these discussion groups, please email us at theqcs@mchsi.com.

Check back to this page or
email Judi for more information about upcoming SIGs.


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