Notes and helps from PREVIOUS SIG sessions:

(These may be rescheduled if enough interest is shown by QCS members.)

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Web Page Design 101
Microsoft Publisher SIG
Beginning PowerPoint
Networking SIG


Web Page Design 101--a "mini-SIG"

Vicki Wassenhove leads the Web Page 101 SIG group. Several years ago Vicki began learning how to design web pages by reading and asking others how it was done. She now shares her experience and tips with the group as they learn how to make web pages.

Working together and using the K.I.S.S method ( Keep It Simple Stupid ) this SIG group goal is to lead everyone along in web design so they might bring their own creativity to the Internet. It is easy to do. Reviews were posted on a 101 class web site after each meeting, enabling access to the information when working at home.

Once again the focus is on free software as a starting point. Each SIG member receives a CD of free web design software that will enable them to make their own pages. Only three components are needed:

  • Web Page Editor: FrontPage Express
  • Image Editor: Google's Picasa
  • A Free Web Page Hosting site:

The GeoCities site offers 15MB of free space which is plenty of room to create your starting projects. Each month there is a question and answer session to share ideas, problems and solutions as the group learns together how to bring these ideas to life. Projects by the class members include websites for alumni classes, hobbies, organizations, small businesses, "Blogs" and sharing family memories.

Use this link Web Page 101 SIG to see Vicki's March 14th PowerPoint presentation (450 KB).
At the end of the slides, you will reach a black screen and be prompted to "click" to return to this page.

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Microsoft Publisher SIG--a "mini-SIG"

Diana Wolf will lead the Microsoft Publisher SIG. This will be held the 1st Monday of each month starting in May, June and July. Diana will share her insights into creating flyers, brochures, and greeting cards with this software.

Learn how to make your own stationery, save money and be creative simultaneously!

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Beginning PowerPoint--a "mini-SIG"

The Beginning PowerPoint session of Office SIG in January 2008 has a short review online. Click on this link to download a 600KB PowerPoint review. PPT.SIG.review1.pps

A 700 KB review from the March 3rd PowerPoint session is available at this link: PPT.SIG.review2.pps

Both reviews were designed with PowerPoint 2003 on Microsoft XP. Their custom animations and other features may not display correctly on older operating systems.

Contact Vicki Wassenhove for more information about the PowerPoint sessions:

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Networking--a "mini-SIG"
April-June 2007

Jerry Heimburger and Judi McDowell, were co-leaders. If you missed the 2007 session, and want to learn how to put all those family computers together, ask Judi to put you on the list for the next one.

This group covered the basics of home networking. Jerry and Judi had recently set up networking systems and shared their experiences, the ups and downs, plus the solutions that worked.

Use the following link to see Judi's PowerPoint Presentation from the first session of this SIG:

Introduction to Networking 101

(It is a small 48 KB download. After the last slide, you will reach a black screen and be prompted to "click" to return to this page.)

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