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To Join or Not to Join?
(Or What Can the Quad-Cities Computer Society Do For Me?)
By Patty Lowry pattylowry@rocketmail.com
"Should I join Quad-Cities Computer Society (QCS)?", is a question pondered by visitors. Old members wonder, "Should I renew my membership?"
The answer to each of the above questions is a definite YES! In my opinion, the Quad-Cities Computer Society is one of the best investments you can make. Where else can you get help, instruction, education, and support for the cost of $30.00 a year? No place!
Word Perfect was the program at the first meeting I attended. They did a real neat demonstration. Did I understand everything they were talking about? Heck no, in fact I understood very little, but it looked so easy and did a lot of fascinating things. Did I want it? Yes. What was I going to use it for? I had no idea.
When I joined QCS, the only thing I was proficient at was playing solitaire. When nothing else worked, or I got frustrated with the computer, I played solitaire. I could not even figure out how to load a program or make it work.
I heard the word SIG (Special Interest Group). What is a SIG? It is a small group of members that zero in on one subject or type of program. (Check the calendar for a list of available SIGs.) That is where I was able to gain most of my knowledge. You don't feel so intimidated in a small group when you ask a question. And an important thing to remember about a question is that someone in the group probably had a similar question when beginning. We weren't born knowing this new technology. Computing is a world all its own. It has its own language. There are terms that you never heard of until you bought that first computer. It's like a foreign language. New terms and their meanings.
The QCS has large variety of members, from beginners to the gurus. No matter what the expertise of a member, there is always someone to help you or direct you to someone who can. I never had another member refuse to help. Our club motto, "Members Helping Members" is one of the best descriptions of QCS.
I have now been a member of the club since 1991. Things demonstrated at the meetings make a little more sense now. I have gained a great education and a lot of knowledge, but it is still a learning process. I have also made many friends in the club. I can now load programs and make them work. I can also build a computer from boxes of parts.
If you join the QCS, hang in there. It takes time to learn and you should reap many benefits from the club. And if time allows, don't be afraid to volunteer for something that you feel comfortable doing, even if it's being a greeter at a general meeting or helping at the sign-in tables. It is a great way to get to know the other members.
Do I sometimes get frustrated with the computer? Yes. Do I still play solitaire? Yes.

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